Tanka Seasons

Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer from the Tanka Seasons Series, based on Japanese Tanka Poetry, a ancient form of poetry with a rigid format of 31 syllables divided over 5 lines (5,7,5,7,7 syllables per line). The symbolic images used in the poetry is often based on nature and closely related to the seasons, something which seems lots in our urban 24/7 society.

Layered digital photographs, 2005
Prints of these are available upon request, 585 x 470 mm.
£145 each framed, 10% discount for the set of four
£85 unframed, 10%  for the set of four.

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Anne-Laure said...

wow, the first one especially is so beautiful, I love the rich layering of textures, and that one particularly has colors that I am really drawn to.
I'm glad to have come across your work, look forward to seeing more of it. Thanks for visiting my blog too.