the Darton Centre Project

Past - Present - Future

The Darton Centre project is completed and installed.  It will be officially be opened on Friday 2nd December.   The treasured old building of the Darton Urban District Council has been celebrated in the artwork produced for the New Darton Centre, near Barnsley, South Yorkshire through engagement with the community, local history group, children's centre, high school and former councillors and employees of the Darton U.D.C.  An artefact trail guides visitors through the various items of historical value salvaged from the former building and leads towards the artwork and oral history audio recording.

Audio unit with  Art Deco door handles from the former Darton Urban District Council Offices

Detail of  artwork on aluminium composite panel. 

Ryedale Artfest Exhibition

I will also be exhibiting a framed edition of the Monthly Map books  which are part of a art intervention which was started in 2008.  The project was called the Daily Colour Project: Sustaining systems

Monthly Map: August (work in progress) 2011

In this project daily interventions of colour sorting the family laundry were photographed.  The project was originally produced for the Start 4 Art commission awarded on my graduation in 2008 from York St John University.  The work explores how small systems underpin and regulate our lives in both constructive and limiting ways.   The normality of life which we often take for granted can easily be affected by external factors such as changing weather patterns or health.  The apparent repetitive pattern is actually changing indefinitely.

Only two editions of the Monthly Map Artist Books have been hand made.  They were designed for the Home from Home  Exhibition as part of the 14th Leeds International Artist Book Fair in March 2011. 

Also on show lastest work: 2 hours 9 minutes: REcycleD

Malton, North Yorkshire YO17 7EG

INVITATION TO A PRIVATE VIEW - Thursday 15 September 6pm - 9pm

Come and join at the launch party, enjoy a chat and a drink and see a wonderful array of art all produced within Ryedale.


Duckett and Jeffreys are pleased to be supporting ArtFest by exhibiting a wonderful selection of work by the following participating ArtFest artists: Serena Partridge, Lyn Wait, Andrea Bailey, Catherine Scriven, Gill Dearman, Sue Gough and Stef Mitchell.

Come and see it all at the launch party


Also throughout ARTFEST Duckett and Jeffreys will be taking the DJ Touring Gallery out and about on the road and parking up at the following participating galleries.
Sat 10th Sept (11-4) The Gallery at Ryedale Folk Museum - Hutton-le -hole
Sat 17th Sept (6pm onwards) Sawmill Studios - Helmsley
Sun 18th Sept (11-4) The Pantry - Lockton
Sun 25th Sept (11-4) Gallery Beyond - Nunnington
Sun 16th Oct (11 - 4) Inspired by Gallery - Danby

Exhibition runs until 8th Oct - Hope you can make it

Duckett & Jeffreys
2 Old Maltongate, Malton,
North Yorkshire YO17 7EG
Mobile: 07854 741910
Tel: 01377 236008
Wednesday - Saturday
11am-5pm or by appointment

Post - Exhibition and Bike Project

On Friday 24th June at 6pm, Bar Lane Studios' group of graduate artist interns will unveil a major exhibition of their talents to commemorate their year in residence at the city's creative hub.

The group, comprising five artists and a theatre company, were the first set of York St John University arts graduates to take up residence at Bar Lane after it opened last year. The YSJ-funded internship scheme provides graduates with studio spaces, exhibition opportunities, work experience and professional mentoring in order to help these fledgeling creative businesses establish themselves. Now, as they near the end of their year's residence, the group are preparing their showcase exhibition to fill Bar Lane's main gallery.

Diverse artists Jade Blood, Susanne Davies, Matt Durrant, Tom Hodgson and Catherine Scriven will display vibrant new artworks and all-female theatre company Six Lips will perform a new piece on opening night devised especially for the occasion.

The exhibition runs at Bar Lane Studios' main gallery from Friday 24th June until Saturday 2nd July, and kicks off with a preview event at 6pm on the 24th. This event is open to all art lovers and will include refreshments provided by York Brewery.

 For the Post - Exhibition, I will be showing new work based on a Bicycle Project.  This Project is in conjunction with Cycle Heaven, Bishopthorpe Road, where our artwork has been placed into the Display Windows of this Bike Shop.  For the project my 25 year old bike, which had been neglected for the last two years is undergoing a transformation at the Cycle Heaven workshop.  This has been recorded with photographs and is forming the basis of a digital photo composite artwork in progress.  As a taster here are the BEFORE and AFTER photographs.  The artwork recorded the Bike Transformation from 9:43 to 11:52 am on 17/05/2011.  Artwork to be unveiled on the preview of POST - on 24th of June at Bar Lane Studios.

Newest addition to the Shoe Portrait series

Shoe Portrait of an Earthy Woman
Pencil and soil on layered and sewn paper
490 x 635 mm

This is the latest drawing in the Shoe Portrait series of equal size.  They are on display in the library room at Shine Harehills Business Centre in Leeds for the next few months, to be companions to conferences, lectures and meetings.

Harehills Road
Leeds LS8 5HS
0113 388 0000

Spring Greens Window display at Cycle Heaven

Please follow the link to find the article on  the window display at Cycle Heaven (March to April 2011), using Tanka Art.

Green Smoke Rising, Tanka

Green Smoke Rising, 2006
Print on photographic paper, edition of 100, 1000mm x 605 mm.
£265 framed, £200 unframed

Tanka are an ancient form of Japanese Poetry still used today.  The Tanka Seasons and Green Smoke Rising artworks are a response to Japanese Tanka poetry written about a thousand years ago, between 1250 AD and 850 AD.  The poems are ancient but the imagery expressed in them is still true today.  I linked the old poems with contemporary imagery and technology to produce digital prints.   Their content resonates across time and space from the Far East to the West.

I discovered the Tanka poems and oriental aesthetics while studying at York St John University in 2005 and 2006 under the guidance of  Dr Hisashi Nakamura.  Dr Nakamura is a founder of the Anglo-Japanese Tanka society (  and originally translated the poems into English.  He later published them in a book The Floating Bridge: Tanka Poems in English (ISBN 978-1-85072-360-8).  


How sad to think
That my body will end in pale green
After all,
A mist over the fields.

Poem by Ono No Komanchi, c.850, translated by Dr Hisashi Nakamura.

Installation of Monthly Map books

Home from Home Exhibition
Installed the Monthly Map Books today in a Victorian town house where each themed room displays a intriguing variation of artist works related to home and books.

These Monthly Map books are based on a visual source gathered for the Daily Colour Project (Sustaining Systems)  which I did in 2008.  The project was investigating the interaction of art and domestic daily situations.  As an emerging artist I was investigation how to establish an artistic practise and routine, when more everyday essential routines were demanding for my attention.  Through this investigation  it also became apparent that maintaining a daily routine was a low-key but important means of surviving when unpredictable and destabilising events happened.  

Detail from Monthly Map: August.
digital print on paper, thread, hardback book cover.

Also available at the book fair:  Monthly Maps:  September and November.

Invitation for Home to Home Exhibition on Facebook

Home from Home

153 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds
11th - 18th March 2011
Curated by Louise Atkinson
Image by Jacob Schuhle-Lewis

'With ideas ranging from the domestic to displacement, over 80 artists from 7 different countries have contributed to this years Artist Book Collective exhibition around the theme of Home. 153 Woodhouse Lane is the setting for Home from Home, to be shown alongside the 14th Leeds International Artist Book Fair. As a spacious Victorian terrace situated over three floors, it provides the perfect backdrop for this site-specific exhibition.

Artists responded to the brief through exploring and expanding on the book as a time-based medium, whilst incorporating the notion of the Everyday. Traditional book works as well as sculptural objects, text, narrative, video, furniture, audio and performance are represented throughout the show.

The concept of Home evokes various associations, including our experience of domestic spaces in relation to their designated public/private status, as well as the collection and curation of personal possessions within those spaces. Often our sense of self and security is linked to feeling ‘at home’, insinuating that this sensation is not always related to a particular place or building.

At first glance, Home from Home gives an impression of family, refuge and sanctuary, but upon closer inspection, it also begins to uncover associated feelings of anxiety and uncertainty relating to superstition, illness and transience.' Abc Archive, 2011

More Info on ABC Archive

Endeavour: Hospitals in Whitby over Time

Artwork produced for Residency at Whitby Hospital, commissioned by Hafney (Hospital Art for North East Yorkshire), 2010. 

Endeavour, a history of hospitals in Whitby over time where records show the first hospital in 1109 by Spital Bridge until the present hospital on Spring Hill and the same site as the 1925 War Memorial Hospital built with donations from Whitby Residents themselves - truly their hospital. 

Digital Print on aluminium composite,
2400 mm x 700 mm .

Research, photographs, history and anecdotal history gathered with input from the staff at Whitby Hospital.  Maps, photos, postcards and archives gathered with the help of the Literary and Philosophical society at the Whitby Museum in Pannett Park.

A second work was designed for the Day Unit  to give the dark end of a corridor a view onto Whitby.

Trompe L'Oeil, a view of Whitby
digital print on Aluminium composite
1000 mm x 600 mm

Photographs by Nurses Jo Richardson and Shirley Wood,
Digital Composition by Catherine Scriven.

Monthly Map Books

Folding Map (cover not yet present - this is a work in progress)

I am making Monthly Map books for the artist book  genre exhibition 'HOME' at 153 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds that is curated by Louise Atkinson to coincide with the International Artists book Fair in Leeds.  The Exhibition opens on the 11th of March and will be open until the 18th in a large Victorian House opening on  Friday 11th of  March 2011.

A lot of my work is related to intimate and domestic objects so it seems appropriate for this exhibition.   I am working on Monthly Maps.  These books will be based on source material gathered for a daily colour project in 2008 and 2009, where  washing was colour coordinated when hung to dry and photographed.  The source material covers august 2008 to April 2009.  All months haven't been processed yet, but I anticipate making Monthly maps for August, September, November, December and April, with an edition of at least two so one could be on display in the exhibition and others for sale at the fair.  They can be completely opened out and framed if wished.
Detail of sewn pages

Here is August Monthly Map, the first month of the project which started on the 15th of August 2008.
August Monthly Map 

Lace effect of sewn pages