Jacobs Ladder workshop

Tutor: Catherine Scriven
Friday, 14th October 2016
10 – 4pm

Book Via Kath at The Silver Thimble Craft Workshop,
Barton Hill, nr YORK/MALTON

 Tel: 07920 760646

These little books are fascinating and delightful in the way they move and reveal different parts of the pictures.  Individual boards are connected with ribbons which makes it an ideal project for first steps in bookbinding.

 In the workshop you will learn the process of backing cotton material to make bookcloth and the technique to cover boards for hardback books.  The construction of the Jacobs ladder with ribbons is unique but not difficult.  The design can be kept very simple or you can adopt a more complex sequence of images following a clear formula.  
Suggestions for designs can vary from numbers, colours or animals for the young; photos, advent calendars, pre-printed panel, charm packs.  This is also a good project to use up left over material, bookcloth, thick board and decorated papers. 

Materials needed:  Board,  Cotton or bookcloth for images, ribbons, glue. 

Jacobs ladder in action.  This little book is based on a french ditty about a fox running past and hiding.  The idea is to flick the book back and forth and let the little ones find the fox among the other animals.