Process Photos from Archaeological Dig

Working on the graduate show I am producing some more process photos. This one is from the entrance yard in front of the headquarters, which gets very busy, especially when the weather is compliant.

Digital layered print, 50 x 50 cm
Hungate Archaeological Dig, York, 2007-8

Life drawings

 There is something very compelling about drawing the human figure. Your drawing tool can follow the contours, make a volume, dance on the paper and create a mood.

Man with head on arms

conte and walnut ink on paper, 

Man leaning over table

conte on coloured paper, 


charcoal, conte and walnut ink. 
1000 x 590 mm framed,

Woman Sitting 
Charcoal, walnut ink
1000 x 730 mm, framed

Shoulder twist,
conte and pastel on paper
520 x 770 mm unframed

Hang on
conte and pastel on paper
520 x 770 mm

Last Pose
Pencil and walnut ink on paper
575 x 770 mm framed