York St John Uni Dinner Set

Commissioned dinner set for York St John University. The dinner set is based on the new Universtity Logo. I wanted to incorporate the experience of being at uni, the working against the wind, still belonging to a guiding branch, knowing that one day you would fly away and have to take your learning and skill into the wide world by yourself.

The dinner set was used at the Conferment dinner of York St John as a Universityon 8th of November 2007 . Hope the set will be enjoyed for many years to come.


Kruse said...

Hey, I just had a look at these photos. The dinner set is really lovely. Also, I love your new blog design, looks really good. Lose the self-deprecating comment on the home page though! Of course you can design and create a blog; you're an artist, student, mother, wife, excellent friend, cook, interior designer, gardener, craftswoman, agony aunt and super-hero! You can do anything!

Nijole said...

Good words.