Heritage Public Work

Alumni Abundantes, 1841 - 2010
Complete work displayed,  6 x 1000 mm x 750 mm
Printed on anodised aluminium

Supported by the Association of The Colleges of Ripon and York St John. 

“You have produced a wonderful reflection on the history of the two Colleges.”
John Maw, MBE, Honorary Fellow.

Former Vice Chancellor Professor Dianne Willcocks, CBE, said:
“Catherine’s remarkable installation piece is a real tribute to the creativity and professionalism of our York St John alumni. She has produced a wonderful artwork that honours generations of York St John students and inspires us with hope and confidence for the future. It truly reflects the university motto “ut vitam habeant et abundantius” - that they shall have life and have it in abundance.”
March 2010.

Here is the sequence of panels :

1841 -1890's

1890's - 1920's

1920's -1940's

1940's - 1960's

1960's - 1980's

1980's - 2010.

I was very grateful for the opportunity to produce this piece and gain access to the archives for the University which covers the rich history and heritage of the colleges of Ripon and York St John and the development toward Univesity status.  When Roddy Hunter, John Maw and I looked at a focus for this heritage piece in the archives the long narrow photographs of the past students (alumni) caught our attention.  It was decided to make them the centre of the work.  This is where the title of the work has been derived from, the abundance of past students or alumni.  It is also based on the motto of the University which  is: "Ut Vitam Habeant et Abundantius".  Translated as "That they may have life and in abundance".  I think the archives were proof of the fulfilment of this motto. 

I am also very grateful to all the past students who attended the Archive roadshow day in 2009 and shared there memories and experiences of their time at the colleges.  They highlighted their respect for the buildings which were part of the campuses, the strong connections to the church represented by both Ripon Cathedral and York Minster, the different routines and the change which occured in the 1960-70's.  This change was echoed in the archives as the photographs changed from black and white to colour.  With the testimony of past students in mind, the intention for this piece is to make some of the archives visible to all students so that they can share in the rich history of the University, the developments over time, the connection to the community and  foster pride for their university. Ultimately this piece is about people over time.

'Alumni Abundates' is displayed in a corridor in the Quad on the Lord Mayor's site of York St John University.  It is in a corridor that connects the front entrance to the centre of the Quad (Main old Building) and fondly referred to by past students as 'windy passage'.  I like to think I have added to this by bring in a visual form of wind of change which occured over the last 169 years.  The corridor is the start of the Heritage Trail which is a walk round the campus of York St John.

Unveiling of Heritage Public Work: Alumni Abundantes

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Alumni Abundantes, 1841 -2010.

A 6 metre piece, 6 aluminium panels printed with layered digital photographs based on the archives of Ripon, York St John colleges and now University. 
 159 years of heritage, development and abundant  past students.

Digital layered photographs printed on anodised aluminium panels, 6 of 1m x 750 mm each.

Chicken book, Page by Page


Drypoint prints on handmade egg paper.

Edition of 5
Hardback : 1/5, 2/5 and 3/5  - sold
Softback: 4/5 and 5/5 - SOLD

made for the 13th International Artist Book Fair in Leeds,
will also be at the Solihull artist book fair at the Secret Library, Solihull

drypoint on handmade egg paper.

Working on Heritage Project

Recently I have been concentrating on the heritage project for York St John University.  This is a project which looks at the history of the colleges of Ripon and St John from their emergence in 1841 to the present day University Status 2010.  The resource has been the Archives of both Ripon and St John with a concentration on all the student photographs which documented many of those students who studied and graduated.  Students in abundance.

The name of the work is:  Alumni abundantes, 1841 - 2010.  This is based on the University Motto: Ut Vitam Habeant et Abundantius.  (That they may have live and in abundance).   Abundantes is a present participle used as an adjective form the verb abundare, meaning very approriately: overflowing, plentiful, abounding, and of plants shooting up with abundance. The last reference to plants is a nice connection to the Logo of the university which is a leaf and bud.

These layered photoworks will be printed on anodised aluminium and installed in the entrance corridor to the Quad, a corridor affectionately known as Windy Passage.  I hope the image will offer a glimps of the Wind of change and the Passage of time which has happened over the past 159 years. 

6 Panels, each 1000 x 750 mm, will form a 6 metre long display (that is 18 feet for all the imperials out there.)  Installation should be complete by 26th of March.