Patchworks in progress

I have started to produce the final layout for the daily colours project. The toned down selected photographs for each day have been printed on Khadi paper, paper made from cotton cut-offs from the t-shirt industry in India. Handmade with a lovely deckle edging.

I have laid out the images for the months of August 08 and September 08, the first two months in which I consistently recorded this daily discreet art performance and practice. Dates will be embossed on each piece of paper; some pieces will be completely blank following the layout of the western calendar system. The pieces are intended to be sewn together in the fashion of a patchwork quilt.

The images record whether the washing was dried inside or outside according to the weather and seasonal changes. The number of wet days in August are a strong reminder of the climat change which is affecting us globally and locally.

August 08
September 08

I would love at this stage for my fellow blog artist to provide some feedback about the presentation of this work in progress.