Arts Birthday,Performance workshop, Non Baking workshop

 ARTBLOC a contemporary artists cooperative in York, celebrated 1,000,047th Arts Birthday on January 17th, 2010 in conjunction with  East Street Arts in Leeds.   We participated in a Workshop: Situation for Performance: Workshop for Permanent Creation lead by  Roddy Hunter.

Traces left by Zyklus, a Performance Score by Tomas Schmit performed by each participant during the workshop

Traces and objects left from performance #403 devised by Bob Lens, and Judgment for String, Wood and Stainless Steel which I performed adapted from Judgment for String and Brass by Dick Higgins.

Pasta Drying Display.  Blue pasta divised by Steve Humble to complement the blue cocktails at the Fluxux Banquet.  The pasta was produced by al the 'no spectators, only participants' at the non-baking workshop, which I lead, to prepare the fluxus food for the banquet.

Welcome to my Artwork.

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created for exhibitions, commissions, projects or residencies. 

Through focussing on repetitive process, my practice seeks to expose new insights into routine everyday structures and systems.   In this process, I am endeavouring to “layer” slices in time and create complex images or installations that are full of richness and depth.  My works attempts to extol the virtue of the ordinary and the routine.

The materials used in my practice are a combination of digital photography, drawing, and printing on a variety of papers including handmade paper.   The process of layering figurative images from research or observation produces work that takes on a more abstract appearance.   Unconventional methods of layering in my work echo the materials I am using such as sewing layers together when dealing with a domestic theme.

A variety of themes have been explored,  including daily washing routines, the cycle of the seasons, the recording of Archaeological finds and the historical archives of a leading university.  Through my work I reveal the complexity and interrelation of the world we live in.  I hope to foster respect for human endeavour including the routine.