Graduate Show display

Final adjustments were made to the installation for my graduate show, creating a unique space for the viewer to experience the process of art and archaeology.

Without the clutter of the boxes, tools, ladders, paintbrushes etc. the space with only its purposeful objects looks better than in my imagination or on paper. It was fantastic to have those few days to revise the details, rethink some of the space and the viewer's experience in the actual environment. I hope you can come and enjoy it. For those of you who live to far and don't manage to come I will post more pictures after the show.

Graduate show preparation

Installation research for the Graduate Show at York St John, 6th to 14th of June. I have been trying to include gravity and pressure into the stack of papers, to emphasize the 'dust to dust' idea of the composted remnants of lives which are excavated at the Hungate Archaeological dig. I didn't want it to be a downtrodden feeling so I wanted to take the viewers eye upwards to the future. I feel I finally achieved this with the plumb line and weight creating this space between the objects.

The stack of paper years will be displayed next to a table with a working set up, highlighting the process human labour be it papermaking, archaeology, research or history.