Create 09 Exhbition

Daily Colour Project: Sustaining systems

Installation view for the Graduate Show Create 09. The work was commissioned for the Start 4 Art Awared 08. Months on display are:
August: the first month the project was consistently recorded on my return from holiday,
September: With reasonably fair weather
December: With wet weather, celebration days and the end of 2008.
April: Fairer weather, rebirth of nature with spring and faith rebirth with Easter. Also the last month the project was recorded.

There are a total of 9 months recorded (but not displayed here) covering the four seasons from summer to spring.

Colour prints on cotton rag paper, produced from the offcuts of the t-shirt industry,
Embossed with the dates and sewn with thread into patchwork square.
Each square 700mm x 700mm.
Mounted with dressmakers pins.

In this ongoing project, photographed for the Start 4 Art Award 08, drying washing was sorted by colour as daily art interventions. The work explores how small systems underpin our lives with inevitable consequences beyond the domestic. Equally these personal structures are affected in time by external factors such as illness, seasons or more ominously global climate change.

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Kruse said...

I think it says something quite profound about women's lives and the things to which we give our attention. It is also a brilliant salute to your ingenuity and creativity that you can turn what many would consider to be domestic drudgery into something artistic and beautiful.
This work honours women, the domestic and yourself as artist and homemaker.