Banker 2008 bird in the air

After applying to participate in the mail art of Acquired Collective, I received my postcard through the mail with some instructions and 2 weeks maximum to make my response. This was the result: Banker 2008 Bird in the Air.

Original size: 600mm x 460 mm
Medium: inkjet prints on financial envelopes, thread

The works references the changes which have occurred in the financial world between 1978 and 2008 and our subsequent perception of bankers. The format relates to the postcard photograph and the Amish tradition of patchwork quilts. In opposition to the name of the old village store the pattern used for the work is ‘bird in the air’ alluding to the uncertainty which results from the credit crunch.

Detail of red/front patchwork:

Detail of green/back patchwork:

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Kruse said...

Hey this looks fantastic! Can you make it so that we can see bigger pictures? Love, love, love this.