Are you ready for the Tour de Yorkshire

2 Hours and 9 minutes  RE-cycle-D
1200 mm x 860 mm
digital print on opal acrylic

This digital artwork is  part of an ongoing collaboration between Cycle Heaven and Bar Lane.  I wanted to capture the daily activities of the workshop and the skill and speed of the technicians.  I brought in my 25 year old bike to be reconditioned and photographed  for the duration of the service. 

Watercolour print in signed limited edition of 25 available upon request.
£175 (numbers 2 to 24 available on demand)

Exhibited at   Artfest 2011, Art Ferens Open Exhibition, Hull, 2013.


Susan Kruse said...

I love these timed photos that you do. So interesting and energetic too.

Bill Scriven said...

Looks fantastic, but then i,m biased!