Endeavour: Hospitals in Whitby over Time

Artwork produced for Residency at Whitby Hospital, commissioned by Hafney (Hospital Art for North East Yorkshire), 2010. 

Endeavour, a history of hospitals in Whitby over time where records show the first hospital in 1109 by Spital Bridge until the present hospital on Spring Hill and the same site as the 1925 War Memorial Hospital built with donations from Whitby Residents themselves - truly their hospital. 

Digital Print on aluminium composite,
2400 mm x 700 mm .

Research, photographs, history and anecdotal history gathered with input from the staff at Whitby Hospital.  Maps, photos, postcards and archives gathered with the help of the Literary and Philosophical society at the Whitby Museum in Pannett Park.  www.whitbymuseum.org.uk

A second work was designed for the Day Unit  to give the dark end of a corridor a view onto Whitby.

Trompe L'Oeil, a view of Whitby
digital print on Aluminium composite
1000 mm x 600 mm

Photographs by Nurses Jo Richardson and Shirley Wood,
Digital Composition by Catherine Scriven.

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Susan Kruse said...

These images look amazing. I bet the hospital and the nurses involved were really pleased?