Colour diary (7)


11.09.08 Again 11.09.08 and Again.


Kruse said...

Wow! This colour diary is wonderful. What is also wonderful is that it is a textures and lines diary too. It is a shadows and highlights diary. There is something wonderful in these images. They speak so much more than they seem at first able to. There are conversations here, men and women here, family life, one woman's work, love, care, wrinkles, time, ageing, secrets, ah! so much in these images. This is intense stuff.

Catherine said...

Thank you susan. Like all projects they seem a good idea at the time, and investigation and then the repetition sets in, part of the problem, part of the solution. Paradox within the system. It is good to know that people can see beyond the mere image because there is a whole story behind it as you so eloquently describe.

lasuza said...

which bodies have shaped this cloth?
in what space are these clothes hanging?
who has shifted them in space and time?