Drawing for opportunity

Framed drawing: Potential (red silk twist), 800 x 600 mm, Pencil and oilpaint on translucent paper.

Detail of drawing of a red silk bobbin.

When asked for a drawing/work for a raffle for a charity which provides education for children with disabilities -children who otherwise would not have a chance of education, school days, learning and developing their potential - I thought of this drawing. It was part of the Thread of life series. This little bobbin of beautiful red silk twist thread could be used to produce some beautiful dress, embroidery, shirt, piece of clothing. It would hold the material together or adorn it. It has the potential to produce something useful, valuable and beautiful. We ourselves all have potential, valuable silk thread, and it would be good if each of us was given the opportunity to develop that potential. It would be to the benefit of all.

links the the charity: http://www.school4all.org.uk/index.aspx?id=1


Kruse said...

lovely, lovely drawing.

Venetian Blue said...

Hi Catherine

This is a beautiful drawing. What kind of paper are you drawing on - you mention translucent paper?

Best Wishes