Life drawings

 There is something very compelling about drawing the human figure. Your drawing tool can follow the contours, make a volume, dance on the paper and create a mood.

Man with head on arms

conte and walnut ink on paper, 

Man leaning over table

conte on coloured paper, 


charcoal, conte and walnut ink. 
1000 x 590 mm framed,

Woman Sitting 
Charcoal, walnut ink
1000 x 730 mm, framed

Shoulder twist,
conte and pastel on paper
520 x 770 mm unframed

Hang on
conte and pastel on paper
520 x 770 mm

Last Pose
Pencil and walnut ink on paper
575 x 770 mm framed


Kruse said...

Oh my goodness! Your drawing has suddenly become even better! These drawings are so wonderful. I am bowled over. Beautiful, Catherine.

Kruse said...

I've just remembered to click on the drawings and view them bigger and they are even Better! I love the wash with the walnut ink and the evident delight you have in shaping the flesh of this person. Have you looked at the Ruskin School in Oxford? Your drawing style reminds me of an illustrator, Shirley Hughes, who is one of my all-time favorite artists. She went to Ruskin.
Anyway, lovely. x

Catherine said...

I loved shirley hughes, her stories and drawings encompass childhood and parenthood so much. I very much admired her books and wanted to become an illustrator. Other admired illustrators are Quentin Blake, Jan Penkowski from Meg and Mog because it was so bold, and the fabulous guy (whose name I forgot) from Where the wild thing are. (Maurice Sendak - the internet is a marvelous instant source of information!)
I realize I am attracted by the human body and will have to do something with these drawings, brain cogs are in motion...

Marjojo said...

These drawings are beautiful! As ever your loose curvy lines animate the subject, they are like life-lines. They don’t always seem drawn, are like curly threads, or locks of hair falling off the bodies, as if they were shedding their animal skin. I esp. love the one of the man leaning over the table, he seems to have slumbered there forever and some spider has started to trail a web across him. Beautiful.

Naomi said...


Roxana Ghita said...

wonderful! I am grateful I could discover your work thanks to Kruse.