Drawings from Summer Exhibition: Thread of Life

Individual drawings from Thread of Life. Constraint or potential... before the thread unravels - watercolour pencil on translucent paper, 75 x 120 cm
Tools of life, necessary to sew with thread, but sharp and possible painful , 35 x 120 cm watercolour pencil on translucent paper
Hooks or hang on, joins together, 35 x 120 cm, watercolour on translucent paper

Sewing hands, we have an active part to play in our destiny... watercolour pencil on translucent paper, 200 x 75 cm

Thread of Life, continuously unravelling, knotted and looped ... watercolour pencil on translucent paper, 200 x 75 cm

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Marjojo said...

Such beautiful drawings! Esp. love the threads of life with the almost hairy thread coiling and the old wrinkly hands sewing. Your drawing is so light and loose, as if your hand/drawing tool was hardly touching the paper, you seem to be conjuring up the shapes from nothing and let them become. And then there seem to be invisible links and threads between your drawing and its actual object. Wow, it's difficult to talk about drawing, I'm groping around here, so back to: your drawings are beautiful!