3 Points of contact Residency

In November 2013 I participated in a project called 3 points of contact.

This is based on the climbing principle that to avoid to fall you need to keep three points of contact.  The aim of the residency was to create contacts, networks for artists.  3 cities in the UK participated: York, Glasgow and Penzance.  The Main Artists Van Calhau are a couple from Portugal.  Various artist travelled between the three points and the collaborative research and process continued through the various locations.

I was involved  for two weeks, researching, exchanging, and documenting the activities in the workshop in the   The New Schoolhouse Gallery in York.

Out of the documentation photographs, I created a composite image (2 x A1 size)  to capture the activities which had happened over the two weeks in the studio.  Although I couldn't travel to Glasgow and Penzance, the artwork could at least represent my involvement with the project.

Three Points of contact website

More images on Flickr here.

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